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VHF Antennas

Brand: Digital Antenna Model: 528-VW
Voted the best 4' VHF antenna by PowerBoat Reports! The shorter length, standard mounting and excellent range makes it ideal for smaller boats, high speed boats and sail boats. Stainless steel ferrule High-gloss urethane finish Powerful brass radiators Soldered connections Ferrite c..
Digital Antenna 529-VW 8' VHF - White
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Brand: Digital Antenna Model: 529-VW
VHF Antenna6dB Gain Digital Antenna's ultimate, award-winning 8' VHF antennas combine 6 dB gain, ruggedness and a pristine finish to give you the most superior antenna available. Even in the harshest conditions, these antennas will maintain their beautiful glossy finish for years. Built to withstan..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5101
5101 8' Classic VHF Antenna with 15' Cable - Reduced Length Version END-FED WITH MATCHING STUB A standard of excellence in an economical antenna! Shakespeare brings you the best of the high-end features in an 8' antenna with a brass element and a smooth, high gloss, polyurethane finish that wont t..
Shakespeare Centennial Style 5102 VHF Antenna
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Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5102
Shakespeare CENTENNIAL™ Style 51028' LENGTH, VHF Marine 6dB COLLINEAR PHASED 5/8-WAVE Shakespeare started its second century of innovation with the new Centennial™ antennas that bring the most wanted high-end features to mid-priced antennas. The Style 5102 carries on that tradition. Its a 6dB coll..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5104
4' (1.2m) VHF Marine Band 3dBEnd-Fed with Matching Stub Four-foot, 3dB antenna with a great selection of high-end features. Brass and copper elements for performance, plus a smooth, high-gloss, polyurethane finish that won't turn yellow in the sun. Superb value, and excellent performance in a great..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5225-XT
5225-XT 8' VHF Galaxy Antenna 6dB Gain - Reduced Length Collinear-phased 5/8 wave elements EXTRA TOUGH! Shakespeare's best 8', 6dB Gain antenna. Its Galaxy® design maximizes range and quality in a great looking antenna. The 5225-XT is Shakespeare's classic Style 5225 in a new, stronger, sturdier,..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5225-AIS
AIS 8' Galaxy Antenna - VHF/AIS - 6dB Stainless Steel Ferrule  Reduced Length Version Frequency: VHF Marine Band Bandwidth: (within 2.0:1 SWR): 5 MHz SWR: 1.5:1 at 156.8 MHz Gain: 6 dB ..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5226-XT
Shakespeare Galaxy Style 5226-XT - Reduced Length8' VHF 6dB Gain Collinear-phased 5/8 wave elements EXTRA TOUGH! This antenna is the same as Style 5225-XT (Reduced length version) but with the exclusive Galaxy gloss black finish. It's Shakespeare's best maximum range and quality in a great lookin..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5396-AIS
5396-AIS Galaxy 4' Little Giant 4 ft. (1.21m) Broadband VHF 3dB Center-fed 1/2-wave coaxial sleeve Specially designed to meet the broader bandwidth requirements of all popular AIS transceivers, Shakespeare's Galaxy Style 5396-AIS antenna features commercial-grade fiberglass construction. With the..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5400-XT
5400-XT Galaxy 4' VHF Antenna Center-fed 1/2 wave coaxial sleeve The compact Galaxy® 5400-XT is an outstanding, general purpose 4' antenna of heavy duty construction for general purpose communications. It's at home on T-tops, hard-tops, and other positions aloft, where its small size can deliver m..
Shakespeare Galaxy Style 5401-XT VHF Antenna
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Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5401-XT
5401-XT Galaxy 4' Antenna Center-fed 1/2 wave coaxial sleeve This antenna is the same as the Style 5400-XT, but in an exclusive black Galaxy finish. It's an outstanding, 4' antenna of heavy-duty construction for general purpose communications. It's at home on T-tops, hard-tops and other positions ..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 396-1
Style 396-1 VHF 3dBCenter-fed 1/2-wave coaxial sleeve Outstanding, basic 3dB antenna designed to reduce signal fading in rough seas. This is probably the most widely used antenna on Coast Guard vessels. Brass and copper elements Chrome-plated brass ferrule with standard 1"-14 thread Inc..
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