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Shakespeare 4360 Marine TV TV Distribution Amplifier
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Brand: Shakespeare Model: 4360
4360 TV/AM/FM Splitter The Shakespeare 4360 is a multi-function distribution amplifier and power supply that will work with all Shakespeare TV antennas. This device will amplify and distribute off-air TV signals to two TV sets, one additional TV set or DAB receiver, and off-air AM/FM signals to one..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5101
5101 8' Classic VHF Antenna with 15' Cable - Reduced Length Version END-FED WITH MATCHING STUB A standard of excellence in an economical antenna! Shakespeare brings you the best of the high-end features in an 8' antenna with a brass element and a smooth, high gloss, polyurethane finish that wont t..
Shakespeare Centennial Style 5102 VHF Antenna
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Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5102
Shakespeare CENTENNIAL™ Style 51028' LENGTH, VHF Marine 6dB COLLINEAR PHASED 5/8-WAVE Shakespeare started its second century of innovation with the new Centennial™ antennas that bring the most wanted high-end features to mid-priced antennas. The Style 5102 carries on that tradition. Its a 6dB coll..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5104
4' (1.2m) VHF Marine Band 3dBEnd-Fed with Matching Stub Four-foot, 3dB antenna with a great selection of high-end features. Brass and copper elements for performance, plus a smooth, high-gloss, polyurethane finish that won't turn yellow in the sun. Superb value, and excellent performance in a great..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5120
Shakespeare CENTENNIAL™ Style 5120 - Reduced Length Version8' LENGTH, AM/FM Marine 8' LENGTH, AM/FM ANTENNA INCLUDES CABLE AND CONNECTOR Continuing the tradition, Shakespeare's Centennial™ 5120 AM/FM antenna puts high-end features where high-end does the most good. When you're far from your favori..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5225-XT
5225-XT 8' VHF Galaxy Antenna 6dB Gain - Reduced Length Collinear-phased 5/8 wave elements EXTRA TOUGH! Shakespeare's best 8', 6dB Gain antenna. Its Galaxy® design maximizes range and quality in a great looking antenna. The 5225-XT is Shakespeare's classic Style 5225 in a new, stronger, sturdier,..
Shakespeare Galaxy Style 5225-XT-AIS 8' VHF Antenna
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Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5225-AIS
AIS 8' Galaxy Antenna - VHF/AIS - 6dB Stainless Steel Ferrule  Reduced Length Version Frequency: VHF Marine Band Bandwidth: (within 2.0:1 SWR): 5 MHz SWR: 1.5:1 at 156.8 MHz Gain: 6 dB ..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5226-XT
Shakespeare Galaxy Style 5226-XT - Reduced Length8' VHF 6dB Gain Collinear-phased 5/8 wave elements EXTRA TOUGH! This antenna is the same as Style 5225-XT (Reduced length version) but with the exclusive Galaxy gloss black finish. It's Shakespeare's best maximum range and quality in a great lookin..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5235-XT
AM/FM 8' 5235-XT Galaxy 8 ft. (2.43 M) AM-FM Reduced Length version 8 ft AM/FM Entertainment Band This antenna reaches out to pick up those AM/FM signals from afar. Its 8ft length offers the extra reach, while matching Shakespeare's other Galaxy 8ft antennas. Features: Copper elements for m..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5396-AIS
5396-AIS Galaxy 4' Little Giant 4 ft. (1.21m) Broadband VHF 3dB Center-fed 1/2-wave coaxial sleeve Specially designed to meet the broader bandwidth requirements of all popular AIS transceivers, Shakespeare's Galaxy Style 5396-AIS antenna features commercial-grade fiberglass construction. With the..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5400-XT
5400-XT Galaxy 4' VHF Antenna Center-fed 1/2 wave coaxial sleeve The compact Galaxy® 5400-XT is an outstanding, general purpose 4' antenna of heavy duty construction for general purpose communications. It's at home on T-tops, hard-tops, and other positions aloft, where its small size can deliver m..
Brand: Shakespeare Model: 5401-XT
5401-XT Galaxy 4' Antenna Center-fed 1/2 wave coaxial sleeve This antenna is the same as the Style 5400-XT, but in an exclusive black Galaxy finish. It's an outstanding, 4' antenna of heavy-duty construction for general purpose communications. It's at home on T-tops, hard-tops and other positions ..
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